About 'Allterrainers'

BC South Coast Allterrainers is a social, family oriented 4X4 off-road club.
  - We are a mixed age Club comprised of singles and couples; both with and without kids, who all share a love of the outdoors, four wheeling and truly enjoy exploring all that the Fraser Valley, BC has to offer! 
  - We are a group of people who can share the trail, campsite or fishing hole with all we encounter and strive to leave the area in better condition and the people better educated in the ways of four wheelers then when we met them.
Join us! We are actively accepting new members. 
Its a win/win....Are YOU ready for FUN with your fellow Allterrainers, and some quality family time with your family at the same time?
Send us your introduction and contact information to:  Mike@allterrainers.ca
Become a member today, and have a great time with Allterrainers. Singles and families enjoy weekend camp outs, off-road competitions and one day events.
Suggested Equipment 
(...besides a safe, fully insured and licensed vehicle. Be prepared to show it.)
Think Safety First

CB Radio

 First Aid Kit

 Survival Kit


 Hand Tools

 Spare Tire & accessories

 Tow Strap/Hooks




 Spare Batteries

 Spare Parts &



 Litter/Garbage Bag

 Fire Extigusher


Hand Cleaner


 Siphon Hose

 Come-a-Long Winch

 Tie Downs

 Air Tank/ Compressor

 Snow/Mud Chains

Tire Repair Hit

 Signal Flare Kit

 Pad & pen

 Bucket w/Lid


 Spare Car battery




 Hiking Boots

 insect Repellent

 Toilet Paper

 Warm Clothing/Coat

 Overnight Gear

AND...your sense of humor, a good attitude and everyday common sense.
See you there!!
About Events
The type of events we organize are: trail breaking, rock crawling, creek stradling, log limbing and theirs always campouts, music and socializing, games, swimming, hiking sometimes voluntarily - sometimes not (LOL) and of course, nature watching.
Happy Trails!
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